The Design Process

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Designing original garments is not as simple as you may think. Unfortunately our sketches don’t jump right off the page and walk into real life flawlessly. Instead there is a process of design that requires trial and error and could take months or years to perfect. In this blog post we will talk about our design process here at Jessica Resch Couture and you can also watch a short video of Owner and Designer Jessica Resch speaking on the subject.

In her book Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert describes apart of the creative process as being able to catch ideas, inspiration or energy when it comes to you. Jessica mentions this as well when asked what inspires her designs. Influences from her hometown Charleston, SC and fabrics catch her eye. But she describes how an idea just comes to her out of thin air and propels her vision.  We all know that inspiration can be fleeting but sometimes the right idea comes along and presents itself! So, what does Jessica do in these moments? ‘I sketch it the best I can at first!’ she explains that she puts it on paper and then begins the trial and error process, tweaking here and there until she has something she is confident she can produce.

Here at the studio we use Muslin to make prototypes of the dress but before this Jessica will draw and cut her own patterns. While making and remaking the muslin prototypes she will edit her patterns as well. We have mannequins of every size to use during this process and we try on the muslin versions ourselves too. When we make a custom design we have multiple appointments with the customer to try on the prototype before we make the real thing. This way we know it is perfect. Remember what they say, ‘measure twice, cut once’!

During or before the process of making prototype garments we start sourcing fabrics and materials for the piece. Sometimes we have the fabric and material first and it is what caused the inspiration behind the dress. Other times we have to go on a hunt for it. At least once a year we travel to NYC to source fabrics and suppliers. We check in with everyone we already have a relationship with and meet new connections.

When the design finally comes together it feels like fate. Often when I (Sandra) see a design for the first time it’s a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation imagining all the ways it can be displayed. That is what we aim for when you see a design as well, something that will make you stop but not because it is frivolous but instead because it is timeless. We want the women who own these one of a kind dresses to show themselves off in the garment and to be able to cherish it for years to come.
Watch our youtube video here about the design process:

About the Other: Sandra Resch is the Co-Owner and Business Manager of Jessica Resch Couture (JRC) and Bond Boutique. She works with her mother, Co Owner and Designer Jessica Resch of JRC and Bond Boutique. Together they design and curate clothing for women of all ages to make them feel beautiful for years to come.

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