NYC Sourcing Trip 2021

Every year we make the short journey to New York City to source fabrics, materials and accessories for our collections. We love to go in the stores, meet new vendors or reconnect with existing ones to see and feel all of the fabrics, buttons, zippers and more! Here in Charleston we do not have ample resources for high quality fabrics, so it is important to Jessica to make the trip each year. Not to mention it is our favorite trip and we look forward to it all year!
This year was different due to Covid 19. We had not been on our annual sourcing trip since 2019, so it was exciting to get back into the swing of it. We were able to connect with new suppliers and artisans but unfortunately there were a few of our vendors who had shut their doors permanently.
Jessica Resch Couture sourcing high quality and sustainable fabrics, trimmings and accessories in New york City 2021 for their Fall & Winter 2021 Collection
Although the city felt different and we didn't get to see all of the usual faces on our rounds, New York is certainly not dead. The energy through the city was buzzing as people are getting back into the swing of things. We heard amazing music, saw people having dance parties in the park and enjoyed fantastic food throughout the city.
One of our favorite stops of the trip was at M&S Schmalbergs. This shop specializes in handcrafted fabric flowers and the walls of their space are quite literally lined with the most exquisite handmade flowers. We were able to look around and purchased an beautiful purple and champagne hued flower to accompany a dress for our Fall/Winter 2021 Collection. But, really the best parts were watching them make the flowers in front of us and getting to speak the Adam and Pam. Adam and is father own the shop and Pam helped us sorting through the flowers and answering all of our questions. Its not often you meet people that you can tell immediately are passionate about their business and their city and be able to speak to them candidly and so easily. By far our favorite stop in the city! 
Jessica Resch Couture Sourcing for Fall/Winter 2021 Collection for Couture women's evening wear and Mother of the Bride Dresses in NYC. Sustainable and High Quality fabrics, trimmings and accessories!
Overall we always enjoy New York and we had a great time this year meeting locals, shopping for our latest collection and enjoying all that the city has to offer.

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