Mother of Bride Outfit Do's and Dont's

Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom Dress Etiquette
Mothers play a crucial role in planning and preparing for their child's wedding day whether you are the Mother of the Bride or Groom! Did you know that most Moms don’t start shopping for their dress until six weeks before the wedding? It is because this is when they finally feel comfortable enough to start planning their own outfit because most of the planning and preparation for the big day is done or under way! Since you are here, we know you are planning for a special day that you will cherish. We are going to be honest with you about the etiquette of mother of the bride/groom gowns!
1. Shop with the Bride
If you are able to, you should shop with the bride. Not only is this a great opportunity for bonding but it is also important to know her opinion on her big day! We have found that every bride we talked to over the past 20+ years of alterations wants their mom to feel and look beautiful.
2. Balance Comfort with Style
There is no reason you should be uncomfortable on one of the most important days of your child’s life. Opt for a dress that is stylish but you can dance the night away in! We always use fabrics that are not too heavy and have great movement so that you can look and feel great all day long.
3. Showcase your Style
Ultimately you need to choose a gown that showcases YOU. If this is a shorter dress, then go for it! If it is a bold color, go for it! Work with the bride to find a dress that represents your personality. The bride may want you to match or be similar to the bridesmaid party, but if this isn’t an option you agree with, find a different element of the wedding you can coordinate with.
4. Having a hard time making a decision?
If you are having a hard time finding a dress or making a decision, think about what is important to you on the day of your special occasion. Maybe you want to honor a person or element in the wedding, what color or silhouette would that lead you to? We love the idea of honoring the bride or a special family member (like your own mother) through your outfit for the day. This could be as simple as wearing their favorite color!
 Don’t rule out the idea of a custom design. While you need more time for this process, you can create a custom dress that brings your dreams to reality. After all, you deserve it.
navy blue mother of the bride dress     purple mother of the bride dress pink mother of the bride dress
5. Avoid Clashing
We do suggest you avoid clashing with the color theme of the wedding but more importantly with the people you will be in photos with! We are talking about your significant other, the new in laws (cough, cough Mother of the Groom) and any other family members who may be in the more important photos.
6. Don’t Match with the Mother of the Groom!
It is customary and well known to communicate with the Mother of the Groom what color dress you are going to wear to avoid matching or clashing on the big day, this is not just a Do but a Must! You could also use each other as guide posts on what style to choose and colors. It is best to choose what you like but you can use this information as a way to compliment each other!
7. Colors
It is generally best to stay clear of white, ivory beige and black. But, it is most important to check with your bride! There are plenty of wedding party trends including all white, in which it is completely acceptable to wear a white dress but you should always consult the bride first. As for black? The jury is still out on this one. We recently did an instagram poll and 90% voted that Mothers of the Bride/Groom should not wear black and when asked why they said because it’s bad luck! Again, ask the bride what she is comfortable with and go from there!
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