Fabric Philosophy

Jessica Resch Couture, our vow to only use high quality sustainably and ethically made materials and to hold others in the fashion industry accountable as well.
Our fabric philosophy is simple. The materials we use must meet standards of sustainability and are made with high quality materials and practices. We source all of our fabric within the USA with companies that are committed to sustainability and quality.
The fashion industry has long been a treacherous work place for many, especially those outside the USA working in unacceptable conditions and used by large companies for the sole purpose of profits. At Jessica Resch Couture the quality of life for all of those working in the industry is of the utmost importance to us. We are not interested in crushing morals in order to gain larger profit margins and we will never be interested in doing so.
We vow only to use the best materials available while maintaining our mission of sustainability for the environment and fair wages and work places for those in the fashion industry. It is no longer acceptable to turn a blind eye to the imprint of the fashion industry on those around the world. We stand against the degradation of the environment and human life in the name of fashion.
Jessica Resch Couture promises to always...
1. Source materials that are sustainably made.
2. Promote, support and donate to companies and organizations fighting for equality in the fashion industry.
3. Always be diligent in our research and work with partner companies to ensure we are holding our selves to the highest level of honesty and integrity.
Jessica Resch Couture our vow to use high quality sustainable and eithically made materials and to hold others accountable in the fashion industry.

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